1 - Interior Design

We in Decorator use our creativity to develop a new concept of interior design, related to the clients’ personality and life-style.

2 - Interior Consulting

Different clients require different needs, and because of that some of our clients are experts in contracting, but need Interior Consulting  and Supervision to make sure that everything is going according to the Design.  We follow up the work process and make sure everything goes as per Design, by being in the site every day, or when it’s needed

3 - Interior Fit-out

Since we like to complete our work ‘till the end, we try our best to make the shape of the project into reality as close as possible to the original design, that the client has previously approved.

4 - Marble Contracting

Decorator is not only a marble supplier, but also a marble contractor, because we understand that everything is related, our target is to become the best marble contractor in Qatar.