Founder Message:

Growing companies must not only look into the future, but also believe that is essential to occasionally look into our past from where we began.

We should not expect excellence in the future unless we measure the success of our past, listen to our clients and take the necessary and appropriate actions to meet their needs.

Over the past years the following 3 themes have been the keys to our success:

- We "out listen" our competitors by truly understanding our customer’s needs.

- Our QUALITY workmanship, TIMELY completion and SAFETY records are always primary.

-The support and trust of our dedicated and loyal staff are the elements that combine to make DECORATOR a winning team.

DECORATOR Company was founded in 2012, we have done massive jumps in a very short period, in 2016, and we became one of the leading Interior Designer, Fit-out Companies & Furniture Suppliers in Qatar.

When we design, we don’t draw lines, we consider each house as a masterpiece of art, and we are using our creativity to develop a new concept of interior design related with the client personality and lifestyle.

From line and shapes colors and lights we create different idea for each client.

We prefer to involve the client in all steps of the project, From choosing colors and fabrics to planning the space, together we follow up the steps to make your house a special place how represent you.

As The Executive Manager, it is my personal belief that these standards have contributed to our growth and success.

Best Regards,

Executive Manager

Malek Al-Msaddi